December 21, 2018Energy

Gas Wars in Ukraine Illustrate Europe’s Vulnerability to Russian Energy Dominance

The Weaponization of Energy In an article published in the journals Oil, Gas & Energy Law

April 2, 2017Energy

Cyber-attacks in Ukraine Show Vulnerability of U.S Power Grid

April 2017   On December 23, 2015, a well-planned, perfectly-synchronized, brilliantly executed cyber-attack caused a

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April 2, 2015Energy

The Intersection of Federally Regulated Power Markets and State Energy and Environmental Goals

Spring 2015 The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) shares jurisdiction with the states over matters

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March 2, 2014Energy

Why End Users Are Investing (Big) In Distributed Generation

March 2014 The term “distributed generation” generally refers to small-scale generating facilities installed on an

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