Professional Endorsements

“I think so highly of Julia Sullivan’s thoughtfulness, fairness, emotional intelligence in dealing with people, and commercial experience, all based on my past collaboration with Julia, that I would want Julia to be the commercial arbitrator in any matter in which I was engaged.”

– Jacob J. Worenklein,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, US Grid Company, and Chairman, Ravenswood Power Holdings LLC (owner and operator of the largest power plant in New York), and Former Global Head of Energy, Infrastructure and Projects, Societe Générale, and Former Partner, Executive Committee Member and Head of Planning Committee and of Utilities and Project Finance Practice at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy

“Julia’s experience in dealing with complex energy matters, her ability to understand and balance all of the legal, technical and policy aspects of very contentious issues, and her professionalism and communication skills in working with multiple parties, make her particularly suited to arbitrate commercial matters and reach a fair and sound result.”

– Cynthia A. Marlette,
Former general counsel of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and energy law practitioner

“There are three all-important skills in a commercial arbitrator: an expert knowledge of commercial law; the ability to fashion workable solutions that leave each party equally satisfied (or equally dissatisfied) and, perhaps most importantly, the patience, listening skills and creativity to allow each party to feel (correctly) that they had a fair hearing and that a just result was reached. Julia has all three abilities and should be on anyone’s short list for a commercial arbitrator.”

– Joseph K. Hetrick,
Retired Partner of Dechert LLP and current Adjunct Professor of Law at The University of Pennsylvania School of Law

“Thoroughly professional . . . a triple-A academic background as a student and a teacher . . . extensive Big Law experience . . . And, most important, a people person.”

– Dennis Campbell,
Director, Center for International Legal Studies

“It’s rare that you come across a stand-out talent like Julia. I had the pleasure of working with Julia over a period of a couple years at NVEnergy in Nevada, collaborating on regulatory strategies and filings. I was particularly impressed by Julia’s ability to handle some of the toughest challenges under tight deadlines and pressure. She put people at ease with her confidence and made it all seem very natural for her while leaving everyone with a smile. As a team member or a leader, Julia earns my highest recommendation.”

– Kirk Cresto,
MBA, RIMS, CRMP, Director, Corporate Insurance, NiSource

“Julia and I worked together for roughly eleven years. I enjoyed working with her because of her pleasantness, her desire to do the right thing, her honesty, her integrity, her knowledge of the law, and her fairness in the interpretation of contractual agreements.”

– Andrew (Andy) McNeilPartner,
B.A.M., former Executive, New Generation, NV Energy

“Brilliant. Excellent Judgment. Big Heart.”

– Robert Fabrikant,
Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillps, LLP

“Julia one of the most knowledgeable arbitrators in the energy field. She takes into consideration every facet of a case from both legal, regulatory and business facets, analyzing each dispute with the required care and attention to details.”

– Ramy Torbey,
Partner, Eptalex MEG Legal Services, Dubai

“Intelligent, thoughtful, persuasive, thorough, personable, knowledgeable, hard-working regulatory attorney who helped us get good results in several very contentious cases.”

– Walter Higgins,
Chairman, South Jersey Industries, and Former Chief Executive Officer, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, and former President & Chief Executive Officer, Ascendant Group Limited – Bermuda, and Former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Sierra Pacific Resources

“We engaged Julia Sullivan to be counsel on a Georgia regulatory matter in which several natural gas marketers, each with their own attorneys, needed joint representation. Julia brought extensive knowledge and judgment to the situation. I valued her perceptive questions and her well-reasoned advice. Since that time, our company has contacted her several times to provide an outside perspective. I have appreciated her sound help and responsiveness.”

– Meredith Hodges,
Former Vice President of External Affairs, Gas South

“When I was CEO of NV Energy, located in Nevada, I had the pleasure of working with Julia, whom we hired to conduct regulatory cases before our Public Utilities Commission. Her preparation was thorough and her conduct and prosecution were both professional and effective. She is excellent to work with and I highly recommend her.”

– Michael Yackira,
former Chief Executive Officer, NV Energy

“I worked with Julia on several occasions, specifically where she managed NV Energy’s participation in rate cases and resource plan presentations before the Nevada Public Utilities Commission. I found her always to be hard-working, dedicated and well-prepared. She was always cool, calm and collected, and it was a pleasure to work with her!”

– David Sims,
General Manager, Northern Star Generation

“I knew Julia Sullivan in the academic setting under the auspices of the Center for International Legal Studies. I noted how insightful she was in discussions involving international energy law practice, cross-border transactions, international litigation, and international arbitration. Even in casual conversations, I admired how she was able to draw on her vast experience to make pointed observations and critique on complicated legal issues. In my country, I’ve had the fortune of working for and interacting with legal luminaries, and I’ve learned that expertise and competence can only be achieved from intensive and extensive experience in the field of law. Julia’s effortless way of handling legal discussions, for me, is indicative of someone who has honed her skills and knowledge to an expert level.”

– Lloyd Nicholas Vergara,
LL.M., Court of Appeals, The Philippines

“Julia is an excellent hearing room attorney who is an expert at preparing witnesses who are company personnel to do their best.”

– Douglas Brooks,
Senior Attorney, NV Energy

“She is knowledgeable, hard-working, tenacious and delivers good results in difficult regulatory proceedings. An excellent regulatory attorney.”

– Mario Villar,
Former Vice President, Transmission, NV Energy

“Ms. Sullivan has impressed me with her professionalism, reliability, and knowledge of the law. She has consistently completed her awards ahead of schedule.”

– Gregory Hunt,
Managing Director, Hunt ADR